About Us

Who we are:

TP Leaders Academy Sdn Bhd (TPLA) is the Malaysian affiliate of Taleem Educational Services and Consultations, TPLA/TESC, an international Educational company that provides consultancy and executive managing services to educational institutions and relevant stakeholders. TPLA is the technology arm of TPLA/TESC group that provides IT, STEM, STEAM, AI researches and application to TPLA/TESC schools and corporate clients worldwide. TPLA was established by a number of renowned educationalists and educational technology consultants in various educational venues administered by a “Center of Excellence in Learning and Teaching” which is the core and essence of TPLA/TESC group. TPLA aims at developing educational institutions through technology applications, curriculum and assessment research, and introducing a unique educational model that resolves the educational paradox of the 20th century educational systems.


TPLA aspires at enabling educational institutes to prepare generations to rise with the nation through educational technology research and applications.


TPLA creates a unique educational system that advances education through prevalence of flexi learning models, at-student-pace methodologies and designated assessment criteria.

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