Student Recruitment

TPLA/TESC has agreements with more than 40 universities in different countries. We can provide you with a variety of options and guarantee a place in a dream university. You can also enjoy the exclusive discounts that TPLA/TESC has been offered by such universities for all / part of study years. With TPLA/TESC, you can also secure a university hostel free in some universities for the first year. TPLA/TESC undertakes all the process instead of you starting from the application until university acceptance. You will also find our agents waiting for you at the airport with a planned framework for you to start smooth.

TPLA/TESC Student Counselling Services help students to focus on, and understand, the concerns that are troubling them. This provides a space where they can feel comfortable and at ease while talking with an empathic listener, and where they have the opportunity to explore as much or as little of their concerns as they choose to bring. Counselling is not only concerned with addressing and resolving specific problems, but also coping with crisis and change, developing personal insight and knowledge, improving relationships with others, making decisions and working through feelings of inner conflict.

TPLA/TESC advises students regarding their attitudes, tendencies, and careers. TPLA/TESC has a precise software that analyzes students likes and dislikes developing a tool to advise on the careers that will best meet their desires and skills.